Just after the launch of Labwear Studios, we hosted our first pop-up event at the Sneakerness in Zurich. We presented our newly released blanks and offered a variety of sneaker themed motives for people to print on our blanks. The engagement we have received was unparalleled!

People of all ages participated and created wonderfully unique pieces. Often, the best design were part of a collective process, where some approached us and said: "I want something like he over there has done, but I want to change this, no wait, let’s do it like that!".
Some people couldn’t stop printing as soon as they started. The final design came together print by print. We absolutely loved the vibes and made a lot of new friends!

After all these successful print sessions, someone special came to visit us. He made himself the last shirt at this weekend.

Gramps and Jadiee

We appreciate everyone who came to visit. Special thanks to the guys from the Ackerweg Atelier, who supported us with the screen printing.