We think of Labwear Studios as a platform dedicated to the community of emerging fashion brands, designers, and creatives. We want to share honest insights into the business to create the best company and community together with you.


Democratic design process

Design the products you’ve always dreamed of with us! You get the chance to suggest and vote on product ideas. We want to interact with you on all our media channels, because your voice is important.

Connect with others

To enable emerging fashion brands and creatives to thrive, we wanna create this platform, where all the designers, artists, content creators, print-shops and creatives are welcome to join the community. Our community aspires to be a place, where you can connect with other members, where you can ask questions and get answers, or simply share and discuss ideas.

Building the vision

We are convinced, that we can change the industry together by empowering creatives to build their own fashion brands based on our production-on-demand platform providing high-end blanks to you. The upcoming Atelier Segment will provide you with all the tools necessary to fully customize the blanks by your own. Our vision is growing with the community around it and constantly evolving to become greater.


get involved

Join our discord group and get in touch with the company and community. We have different channels on different topics, where you can interact, ask questions, debate, and express support.

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