• Download the according tech pack.
  • You can fill it out by, or import it to Adobe Illustrator.
  • Read the instructions carefully and sketch out your piece.
  • Send the tech pack to info@labwearstudios.com including your vectorized design files.
  • We check your tech pack and create a personal quote for you.
  • You can choose to do a sample before placing the production order (200€).
  • We send you the invoice, and as soon as we have received your payment, we start producing your piece in our factory in Braga.
  • After the garments have passed the quality check, they get shipped to you.

Why we use tech packs

A TECH PACK is a blueprint for a final garment. It contains all the technical specifications and design details that define your product. It helps us to understand exactly what your product should look like and it is the reference for the quality check at the end of production.

You can fill out the TECH PACK either by hand and attach your vectorized design files when sending it to us via e-mail. Or you can import the TECHPACK to Adobe Illustrator and work with it directly, placing your files in the document.