It is our ambition to collectively create clothes that are relevant to fashion as an expression of culture, art, affiliation, and aesthetic.

luxury blanks

We have designed the luxury blank which is renowned for its perfect oversized fit and quality. Our blanks are available to everyone searching for the ultimate wardrobe essentials. Additionally, designers and brands can order these blanks wholesale at a lower price point to create unique pieces and small capsule collections using Labwear blanks as their canvas.

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white Labwear T-Shirt

production services

Access our factory in Portugal to manufacture your own collection at ease. Our production services offer you the opportunity to choose a custom colourway, have your own brand's labels, and have your graphic designs printed.

With our custom fit program, we go one step further. You can fully customize and adapt the measurements of the original product to your wishes and create a custom cutting pattern.

Behind the Scene cutting a high quality blank

up-and-coming creatives

A new generation is taking over fashion, driven by their own idea of design, their own narrative, and their entrepreneurial thinking, aspiring to create their own fashion.

Fashion creatives are designing new clothes and re-engineering them in a second cycle. They are building their own narrative of the world through their brand. This movement of emerging designers goes beyond a few global brands that dominate the fashion landscape. We are here to enable a more diverse one.

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