Fashion needs to change!

The fashion industry has a major sustainability problem. Clothing is produced in large quantities, shipped to Europe, put on sale and the remaining stock is tried to be sold with big discounts. The cause behind all of it is the outdated supply chain architecture in fashion. Supply chains are untransparent, inefficient, and slow, focusing on cheap mass production. However, 20-30% of the clothes produced cannot be sold and end up on a landfill. So far, the industry lacks an alternative model that prevents overproduction and enables brands to become circularity facilitators. The mass production environment also creates high market entry barriers, as currently the minimum quantities are too large for emerging designers to build their own brands with their own products. With all the gatekeeping and the dominant business model in fashion, we hinder many talents to emerge and foster more innovation.

the complexity...

... of fashion supply chains has exploded over the past few years, the frequency of drops is rapidly increasing and sourcing has become a global effort, however the tools used are from the past with paper tech packs, a complete lack of responsive communication, and the absence of transparency.

Even the biggest of fashion companies struggle with manufacturing and overseeing their global supply chains, so we've built an entire ecosystem platform for independent designers, connecting all the dots from designing to manufacturing.


... a world, where we manufacture innovative garments in high-tech factories in Europe, on-demand! No overproduction! All circular; just return your old garment and we upcycle or recycle it to create a new garment out of it. All of this being accessible to up-and-coming fashion designers to create more innovative and meaningful fashion brands with great garments. We want to empower young and ambitious people to create better fashion and be part of a thriving and supportive community.

not another greenwashing story

We commit to a circular zero-waste future based on 3 core principles:

  • Localizing production
  • Only producing fully recyclable garments
  • Eliminating over-production through agility


From starting our own fashion brands in 2019 and finding the first factory willing to produce our initial blanks to now having a large network of the leading factories and providing 200+ brands with great products and driving industry transformation.