Labwear studios

production services

With our production services you can create, sample, and produce your own garments.

Development/Sampling Services

We assist in product development on multiple levels from tech pack analysis to developing cutting patterns, fabrics, prints, and new dying methods, creating unique and fully personalized products for our clients. After development, we create a sample for our client’s approval, to ensure a flawless bulk production.

Manufacturing Services

Labwear has an extensive ecosystem of factories to manufacture your bulk order. All factories are seamlessly integrated, allowing the production of as few as 50pcs within just 2-6 weeks. We monitor the production of your order and perform inline quality checks. After production is completed, we ship your order to you.

Product Excellence

We believe that exceptional products require not only a deep understanding of the industry, but also an unwavering dedication to constant improvement and innovation. That's why we approach every project by leveraging our extensive network of suppliers to explore and adopt new trends in manufacturing, technology, and sustainability. Our in-house design team is pre-engineering design modules to reduce the development costs and ensure rapid sampling, while guaranteeing a high quality product.


Sampling/development costs around 200€ depending on your customizations. For bulk production, t-shirts typically range from 14-25€ and hoodies from 36-50€ excl. VATs.